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Montana Teams Place at 2014 Global Finals

Over 1400 teams from 32 states and 16 countries competed at the 2014 Destination Imagination Global Finals.  The Montana teams all came with the goal of doing well, having fun, and meeting people from around the world. 

Manhattan Christian 3rd Place

Congratulations to the Magnificent Microbes from Manhattan Christian.  They placed 3rd in the Elementary Level of the Going to Extremes Challenge. They presented a magnificent performance despite an equipment failure just as time began.  Quick thinking and teamwork allowed them to contiune without letting the audience know there was a problem. 

The Irving Smartateers placed 14th out of 91 teams in the Elementary Level of the Improvisational Challenge, Pandemonium.

The Unqualified Tributes team from Bozeman High School ran into stiff competition in the Instant Challenge but still managed to place in the top half of the 73 teams in the Secondary Level of Pandemonium.

Irving Smartateers   Bozeman High School

The Big Fork Ti-Rangles Middle Level Tension Builds team cometed against 85 teams from around the world.  They also placed in the top half of their field but found that it is difficult to create a structure that will be light and still hold enough weight to score a high weight held ratio.  They took on the additional challenge of being ambassadors for a Chinese team who competed in the Going to Extremes Challenge.

Big Fork Ti_Rangles   Big Fork Ti-Rangles  Buddy Team

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