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Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 9 (05/31/2014)


Global Finals: Montana Teams Did Well

Check out the MTDI Facebook page for pictures of the Montana Teams at Global Finals. Over 1400 teams attended the 2014 Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee this year. The Manhattan Christian Magnificent Microbes elementary Going to Extremes team took 3rd place.  The Irving Smartateers elementary Pandemonium team placed 14th. Bozeman High School's Pandemonium team The Unqualified Tributes were 37th place out of 63 teams and the Big Fork Ti-Rangles middle level Tension Builds team placed 48th out of 89 teams.

Summer: A Great Time for Creativity

How many times this summer will children complain they are bored. Start gathering supplies and ideas for Instant Challenges to have on hand for those rainy June days. Let them have extra time to solve the challenge or maybe throw in some extra materials.  Search the web for Instant Challenges and even write some of your own. Check out the MTDI website for ideas, lists of supplies and ways to create new and different Instant Challenges.

Order 2014-15 DI Program Materials Now

If your school has some "Wish Money" left, consider using it to order your DI Program Materials for next year. The challenges look like a lot of fun. Get your team together now to look over the expanded previews and talk about which ones they might want to do. Below are the points of Interest for the 2014-15 Challenges.

Technical: Creature Feature:

- Build a creature that uses technical methods to perform team-chosen actions.- Present a story of adventure with the creature as a character.- Use technical methods to demonstrate features of a world where the story is set.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

Scientific: Making Waves:

 -Design and construct an incredible sound machine that produces two different sounds.- Create and integrate two visible displays of sound waves into the presentation.- Create and present a story that includes a change to a faster or slower narrative pace.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

Structural: Lose to Win:

-Design and build the lightest structure possible that continues to support the weight of the pressure board while parts of the structure are removed.- Design and build a removal device that enables you to safely remove the structure parts.- Tell a story about how something is transformed and revealed to be something completely different.- Create a prop or set piece that transforms as parts of it are removed during the presentation.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

Fine Arts: Feary Tales:-Present a team-created fairy tale about a character that faces and deals with a phobia.- Create an expressive artwork that conveys a thought or feeling.- Create a functional artwork that serves a practical function.- Design and create an illusion that makes the impossible seem possible.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

Improvisational: The Improv Games: - Create three independent improvisational sketches.- Research and incorporate improvisational games and street performances.- Practice integrating randomly selected situations and settings.

Service Learning /Project Outreach®: Brand Aid

-Use the creative process to identify, design and carry out a project that addresses at least one real community need.- Use graphic arts and sounds to create an effective brand to help meet the project goal(s).- Create a live presentation that highlights the project and project evaluation.- Design and create a project puzzle to be put together during the presentation.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

Early Learning / Rising Stars! ®: Animal Mish Mash

- Learn about animal characteristics and their habitats—the home and area in which they live.- Design a new animal and its new habitat.- Construct the animal and its habitat in 3-D, including moving parts on both.- Create a play about the movements your new animal makes and the adjustment your new animal makes inits new habitat.- Create and present two Team Choice Elements*.

*Team Choice Elements show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

The Start at Team application for 2014-2015 can be found on the Start A Team Page under "Get Involved'.

College Scholarships

Don't wait until January to let eligible applicants know about the DI scholarships. The MTDI and DISC scholarships require the applicant to submit a tool to help promote DI or help teams and team managers work on a DI skill. These are not the traditional essay scholarship applications and need extra time to prepare. Information and application forms for MTDI scholarship can be found on the MTDI website.  Contact MTDI to learn more about how to apply for a scholarship.


The Creative Process

Now that your team has completed a year of DI make sure you debrief to remember all they learned about the 6 parts of the Creative Process of solving Challenges. Did they:

RECOGNIZE all the issues or points of the Challenge:

IMAGINE: Use their imagination to explore new ideas about possible solutions to the Challenge:

INITIATE: Take risks and go beyond the minimum as they committed to a solution:

COLLABORATE: Understand and use different problem-solving styles. Listen to all team ideas before judging them:

ASSESS: Assess the solution as it was being created and after it was finished:

EVALUATE: Reflect on the experience, thought about what was learned, celebrate the team’s journey and accomplishments:

Team Building Activity: 


Challenge: Name creative actions and demonstrate the opposite. 

Your team is to present a display of contrasts.  During your presentation, one team member should name a creative action.  A second team member should then demonstrate the opposite action.   For example, the first team member might say, “Smiling.”  The second team member would then frown.  Team members should continue to alternate naming creative actions and demonstrating opposite actions until time ends.

Instant Challenge:

The Case of the Missing Artifact

Challenge: Your challenge is to PERFORM a story about the case of a missing artifact and how it is solved.

Time: You will have 5 minutes to discuss the case during Part 1, and 3 minutes to perform your solution during Part 2.

The Scene: Tomorrow is the grand opening of a new historical museum, and a famous artifact is missing. The artifact, a famous treasure, is the centerpiece of an important exhibit. Your task is to locate and return the missing artifact in time for the grand opening.

There are 2 clues found at the scene, a puddle of water and a shoelace.

·Your story should include creative explanations for what the artifact is, what the exhibit is about, and what the 2 clues represent.

·You may ask the Timekeeper for remaining time only during Part 1.

·A shoelace and puddle of water represent clues in the case, and may not be moved.


·1 rubber band

·1 pair of chopsticks

·1 piece of aluminum foil

The following items not be damaged:

·1 Slinky, which may not be changed or have anything attached to it

·1 marble

·1 hula hoop

Scoring: You will receive

A. Up to 10 points for a creative explanation of the artifact

B. Up to 10 points for a creative explanation of the exhibit

C. Up to 10 points (20 points maximum) for a creative explanation of each clue

D. Up to 15 points for creative use of materials

E. 10 bonus points for having a performance that is at least 2 minutes and 45 seconds long

F. Up to 15 points for having a beginning, middle and ending

G. Up to 20 points for how well your team works together

Used with permission from Students for a Creative Iowa.


Date Published: 
Sat, 05/31/2014