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Creativity News - Volume 8, Number 1 (07/23/2014)


"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."  Einstein

Teaching Arts and Sciences Together

Mae Jemison, doctor, astronaut, dancer ... encourages us in a Ted Talk to revitalize the arts and sciences in our schools. She said we need to be working to build resources for the future and one of the best ways to do this is to be committed to both arts and sciences. As we look at what the youth of today are capable of learning, we need to make sure that we are not limiting their potential for understanding the world around us by focusing on only STEM activities. It is important to make sure we also include the arts in our curriculum. Destination Imagination Challenges have a broad cross curriculum design to encourage participants to integrate the arts and sciences in their solutions. Each Challenge has technical, research, and fine arts components. Dr. Jemison said, "Ideas are potential energy but nothing will happen until we risk putting them into action." Destination Imagination gives students the opportunity to put those ideas into action.

Team Pack Fees are Lower

Great News! Destination Imagination has lowered the cost of a set program materials. You may now purchase a Team Pack - Set of Challenges, Rules of the Road, Roadmap, and a set of Instant Challenges for $95. Each additional set for a school, district, or organization will be $80 each. Remember Destination Imagination aligns its Challenges with the Common Core Standards so they would be a great way to teach the 21st Century Skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication while supplementing your current curriculum. Montana has not raised its fees, The state fee is $100 per team but if you register your team and appraiser by December 15, you qualify for a $30 discount. The state fee pays for trainings, workshops, and all tournament fees. For a complete list of what your fees cover check out the Start A Team information on the Montana DI website.

Support MTDI with AmazonSmile

If you shop online with Amazon, please consider helping out MTDI. Shopping is just the same--only you use instead of Amazon.

Please try it out….and help us out….One good thing is that if someone else contacts you, you can choose them sometime to help them too. Of course we hope you will connect with Montana Destination Imagination as often as you shop!  Feel free to pass this information on too. Here is the link to Amazon Smile

Montana Destination Imagination, is now one of the charitable organizations on the AmazonSmile list. Search for Destination Imagination then select the one in Three Forks (our home office). AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages.

MTDI Scholarship

Each year Montana Destination Imagination budgets to award two $500 scholarships to Montana students who have participated for at least 2 years in Destination Imagination. The scholarships are awarded to a high school senior and a student currently pursuing a post-secondary degree. The MTDI scholarship is not a traditional essay application. We ask the applicants to create a marketing or training tool to help further Destination Imagination in Montana. If you think you know a student who will be eligible for this scholarship please encourage them to look at the topics on the scholarship page on the MTDI website. Also send us the contact information for these students so we can also remind them about the scholarship.  Summer is a great time for them to work on this application.


Rule of the Month:

The  Team Number

1. The Team Number allows the purchaser of a Team Pack to put together one team of 2 to 7 participants. Team Numbers do not need to be affiliated with a school or organization. There are no restrictions on how a team is assembled or selected.

2. The Team Number entitles a given team to participate in a Team Challenge at any Level defined within the DI program structure.

3. Once a Team Number is purchased, the purchaser may buy additional Team Numbers at a discount price. The purchaser may distribute the additional Team Number(s) in any quantity as long as each team formed remains under its control and responsibility.

4. Make sure that your team is the only team competing under your assigned Team Number. Each team must have a distinct Team Number.

Team Building Activity: 


Form a circle large enough to see each other without having to turn too much.  The first team member begins as he looks at a person across the circle, makes sure to get eye contact, and says, “ZIG”!  The ZIGGER must stand relatively still as he says ZIG.  The person to whom the ZIG is directed (the ZIGGEE)  then looks to another person and says, “ZAG”!, being sure to remain still.  The ZAGGEE then gets eye contact with another person steps forward, claps his hands, points at the person and says “ZOG”! The ZOGGEE then starts the cycle over again.  This should continue until there is a smooth flow of ZIG, ZAG, ZOG around the circle or the entire team is totally lost due to laughter.  The ZIGGER and the ZAGGER may not do the ZOG movements.  If they say the wrong sound or make a ZOG movement, the team must start over.


Instant Challenge: Beauty and the Bag

Challenge: Your challenge is to PERFORM a story where team members pull imaginary items from a bag to create or add beauty to a situation.

Time: You will have 5 minutes to use your imagination to plan and develop your story, and 2 minutes to perform.

The Scene: Your story will not be complete unless beauty is created or added to some situation. A bag is delivered. The bag contains everything needed.

·Team members reach into the bag and pull out imaginary items that create or add beauty to the situation in the story.

·Although team members may talk at any other time, they may NOT use words to describe the item, but instead must MIME what they have pulled out of the bag.

·For the purpose of this Challenge, “mime” means to act without talking or mouthing out words, making verbal sounds, or spelling out your meaning.

·Before performing, the team must write down on a piece of paper what items they will pull out of the bag.


·1 paper bag which may not be changed in any way

·1 sheet of paper and 1 pencil for listing the items pulled out of the bag

Scoring: You will receive

A. Up to 5 points (35 points maximum) for each imaginary item creatively mimed

B. Up to 15 points for the creativity of the situation

C. Up to 30 points for how well your story is developed (having a beginning, middle, end)

D. Up to 20 points how well your team works together

Used with permission from Students for a Creative Iowa.

Date Published: 
Wed, 07/23/2014