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Creativity News - Volume 8, Number 2 (09/04/2014)


Why Should Kids Participate in DI

It is becoming increasingly apparent that students need the skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration (the 4 C's)to succeed in today's world. Many of these skills are not learned from textbooks and worksheets.  This is where Destination Imagination can play a role in their education.

DI teaches these basic 4 Cs and helps students learn how to set attainable, realistic goals for which they must manage their time in order to succeed. Destination Imagination also helps them learn to apply organizational skills to work with others and be prepared for team meetings and performance deadlines. While DI is a team based program, participants also have to be self-motivated, since they may have to work independently. Finally, through DI students learn to understand what it means to be committed to a goal. The research and development phase of DI can be long and arduous, especially for young teams. In order to bring their ideas to life, they learn that perseverance, hard work , and dedication will reap the reward of developing skills they will use the rest of their lives.

In 2011, researchers from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education conducted an independent research evaluation of the DI program and found that DI participants outperformed non-DI participants in creative thinking, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving—skills that employers want and our future needs.

Start A Team

It’s time to put on those creative thinking caps again because team registration for the 2014-15 season of Destination Imagination is officially open! From engineering to service learning to improvisation, this season’s new and unique Challenges are sure to stretch your imagination even further and take you on a journey of a lifetime—all while helping you learn and improve on your interpersonal and management skills, celebrate your creativity, persevere from imagination to innovation and, of course, have fun!

We look forward to seeing the amazing solutions you and your team come up with this season and wish you all the best of luck.

To get started, purchase a Team Pack at Shop DI or download the Start A Team Application at For a complete list of what your fees cover and the Montana fees. check out the Start A Team information on the Montana DI website.

Is Your Team Up for an International Challenge?

Consider attending the Asia - Pacific Destination Imagination Invitational.  China will again open its doors, this December, for DI participants around the world to come and experience a once-in-a-lifetime educational and cultural opportunity. To learn more about this opportunity contact the MTDI Affiliate Director.

Support MTDI with AmazonSmile

If you shop online with Amazon, please consider helping out MTDI when you shop. Shopping is just the same--only you use instead of Amazon.

Please try it out….and help us out….One good thing is that if someone else contacts you, you can choose them sometime to help them too. Of course we hope you will connect with Montana Destination Imagination as often as you shop!  Feel free to pass this information on too. Here is the link to Amazon Smile Search for Destination Imagination then select the one in Three Forks (our home office). When you shop through AmazonSmile, their Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages.

MTDI Scholarship

Each year Montana Destination Imagination budgets to award two $500 scholarships to Montana students who have participated for at least 2 years in Destination Imagination. The scholarships are awarded to a high school senior and a student currently pursuing a post-secondary degree. The MTDI scholarship is not a traditional essay application. We ask the applicants to create a marketing or training tool to help further Destination Imagination in Montana. If you think you know a student who will be eligible for this scholarship please encourage them to look at the topics on the scholarship page on the MTDI website. Also send us the contact information for these students so we can also remind them about the scholarship.  Summer is a great time for them to work on this application.


Team Members

1. Your team must be made up of 2 to 7 people and will compete at a Level determined by the team’s grade or age.

2. Once your team has begun working on the Team Challenge solution, you may add team members up to a maximum of seven until your first tournament

 but only if you have not previously reached seven team members.

3. Once your team has begun working on the Team Challenge solution you may not replace any team member who quits or moves away. If a team member

moves away, that person is still considered part of your team and may still compete with the team if she or he is able.

4. Your team may not add team members between tournaments for any reason, even if your team does not have seven team members.

5. If a majority of the team members leaves your team, you may form a new team by adding new team members but you may not use any part of your original solution, and you must select a different Team Challenge.

6. A person cannot be a team member on two different teams in the same Team Challenge.


Team Building Activity:  Rope Shapes

Materials: 10 ft rope tied into a circle.

Challenge: Team stands in a circle facing inward and each team member grabs onto the rope with both hands. No part of the rope should touch the floor. Try to accomplish each task  without letting go of  the rope.


1) Square, triangle. diamond, pentagon, a six-point star, hourglass.

2) Without releasing the rope, move the rope so it is outside the circle around the team. With the rope outside the circle and the team inside, make a triangle,  a rectangle, other shapes.

3)Without releasing the rope, move the rope back inside the circle and tie a knot in the rope.

Debrief:  What was the hardest part of this activity? Did you get better from one task to the next? How well did your team work together?

Instant Challenge: Newspaper Bridges

Challenge: Your challenge is to build a bridge, which can withstand the weight of a water jug.

Time: You have up to 30 minutes to use your imagination to plan and construct their bridge.

The Scene: Your team has been hired by the bike path committee to design a bridge for bikers and walkers to use to cross a river safely.  The bridge must be able to support weight but may only be anchored on each side of the river. ·Part I Team members are to build a bridge free standing from newspapers and tape that will have only two pillars.

·Part II The bridge will be tested to see if it will support the weight of a bike and rider by placing a jug of water in the center of the bridge.

· “Free standing" means it may not be attached to anything and no team member may help support it.


· Newspapers (lots)

·Tape (easy to tear) or mailing labels

·Jug filled with water and sealed.

Scoring: You will receive

A. 2 points (40 points maximum) for each inch of span on your bridge.

B. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your design.

C. 20 points if the bridge supports the weight.

D. Up to 20 points how well your team works together

(Note: Only use enough water to create  weight. Or use a small toy truck or car for weight)

Date Published: 
Thu, 09/04/2014