Montana Destination Imagination (DI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing the DI creative problem solving program in our state.

Four Montana Teams Set Their Sites on Global Finals

The Montana Affiliate Destination Imagination tournament was a tremendous display of creativity, problem-solving, and fun. Teams found hidden object,  Others ventured into extreme environments protected by team designed gear. Live comic strip shows introduced us to artwork by famous artists. Teams who enjoy acting improvised skits about how characters from the past and the present overcame a Pandemonium. Other teams discovered how to build a structure with wood, glue and fishing line to be tested by pressure and tension. Finally the Rising Stars! teams performed 3 act circuses about balance and geometric shapes. Check out the MTDI Image Gallery and like the Montana Destination Imagination Facebook page to see pictures of this year's teams.

Teams had the opportunity to play the Think Fun Big Games while they waited for the results to be processed.

Montana DI Awards Scholarship

This past year Montana Destination Imagination awarded one $500 scholarship.  The recipient was Andrew Honken from Frenchtown. He has applied to  Montana State University, University of Montana, Cornell University, Carroll College, and the University of Oregon.  Andrew plans to pursue medicine or engineering.

The Montana Destination Imagination scholarships are sponsored by the Student Assistance Foundation of Montana.  The forms for the 2014-2015  scholarships are will be posted on the scholarship page at the beginning of October.  The deadline is for applying is February 1, 2015.  Please encourage any Montana student who has participated for 2 years in a program sponsored by Montana DI to apply for of this scholarship.


Montana Affiliate to Celebrate Creativity

This year 20 teams chose to solve one of the seven Destination Imagination Challenges. In addition to the DI challenges officials and parents encountered the challenges that winter weather poses.  This was the first year that we have had to cancel a regional tournament due to snow, blizzards, and icy roads.  Therefore, 8 of our teams will be maiking their first presention of their challenge solutions for score at the Affiliate Finals on March 22, 2014, in Manhattan.

This year teams discovered:

Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 7 (03/13/2014)

Date Published: 

Making the Most of Subjective Scores

The Affiliate Tournament is just around the corner.  As your team does its final rehearsals have them consider some of the following in terms of the scores on the subjective elements of their solution or what they should do in a Performance Based Instant Challenge.

Appraisers like performances in which a clean beginning, middle, and end in the performance clearly presents the required elements. This will score higher than one with lots of unexplained confusion. Sometimes less is more.

Unless the team is really good at setting up the situation, subtlety is lost on appraisers. Regardless of how well you pointed out a scored element on the Tournament Data Form, if the appraisers don’t see it/ hear it during the performance, the team will miss out on valuable points.

Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 6 (02/05/2014)

Date Published: 

Who Owns the Challenge?

The object of the Destination Imagination competition is to have teams select challenges from the six challenges offered this year and compare their creative solutions at a tournament event.  Once the team selects the challenge and begins discussing ideas, it takes ownership of the solution.  All the ideas, all the materials, all the construction, all the script/song writing, all the performance is the product of the team members. The unique beauty of DI is that the kids have to do it all.


Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 5 (01/03/2014)

Date Published: 

Encourage Good Ideas

   We need creative and critical thinkers. To help students develop these skills it is important to value the sharing of good ideas. Too often classrooms focus more on proficiency and outcome based learning that generating good ideas to form creative solutions. 

   It is important for students to learn how to:

  • Identify a problem or opportunity
  • Evaluate resources and current skills and knowledge
  • Work together using technology, past experience, and collective goals to craft an innovative solution.
  • Generate a large number of ideas and continually evaluate them to produce a unique and novel approach to the problem.

To integrate these into a classroom it is suggested that teachers:

Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 4 (11/26/2013)

Date Published: 

Qualities of a Well Balanced Team

Whether it is a DI team or a group working on a specific project it is wise to make sure your team has the following attributes in order to build a creative culture.

Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 3 (11/03/2013)

Date Published: 

Creativity Is for Everyone

Creativity can happen anywhere, anytime.  It’s likely that we let a lot of creativity slip through our fingers simply because we’re not watching for it. 

The October ASCD Newsletter urges us to design a creative environment where creativity can flourish without being trapped.   Here are some of the ways to coax creativity from your team members:

Creativity News - Volume 7, Number 2 (10/05/2013)

Date Published: 

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting DI

  • What are the challenges for this year?

    Here is the link to this year's Challenge Previews.

  • When and Where are the Tournaments?

     Regional tournaments will be at the end of February and beginning of March.  The Affiliate Finals will be March 22, 2014 at Manhattan.  Since tournaments are held in public schools, specific dates and locations will be announced in mid October.

Spooktacular Nights of Creativity

Montana DI is planning ghoulishly creative problem solving events for students to experience DI in October. Watch school newsletters, the MTDI Facebook, and the MTDI website for dates, times, registration forms and more information about these events in Bozeman, Belgrade, Missoula, and Darby.

Elementary students in Bozeman, Belgrade and Missoula areas will work to solve up to five Instant Challenges at Creaturz Cache.


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