Technical: Unidentified Moving Object

  • Design and build Equipment to move various Materials to and from towering heights 
  • Start and end the Presentation with the Equipment contained in a Storage Box
  • Create and present a Sales Promotion highlighting the features of the Equipment
  • Complete all of the above with no AC electrical power

Focus: Design and Construction, Innovation and Design Process, Mathematics, Modularization, Optimized Design, Experimentation, Theater Arts, Teamwork

Scientific: Spinning a Tale

Research Energy Cycles in the Natural and/or Physical World

Develop and present an original three-act Circular Story that demonstrates about one Energy Cycle of the team’s choice

Create a DIcycler that changes as the Story progresses and the acts change

Create a Finale that uses your DIcycler to signal the end of your Presentation

Focus: Science, Research of Energy Cycles in the Natural and/or Physical World, Innovation and Design Process, Theater Arts, Playwriting, Technical Design, Construction, Teamwork

Fine Arts: Triple Road Take Show

  • Use three different Storytelling Methods to tell the same story to three team-chosen Pretend Audiences
  • Portray the Travel Methods used to move your Traveling Road Show between different Pretend Audiences
  • Integrate a team-created Technical Spectacle into one presentation to a Pretend Audience


Focus: Playwriting, Theatrical Presentation, Storytelling, Storytelling Relevance, Special Effects, Innovation and Design Process, Construction, Teamwork

Improvisational: Mythology Mission

  • Create a five minute Improvisational Skit about a Mission involving a Mythical Creature.  This must be done in a five-minute Preparation Time prior to your Presentation at the Tournament.
  • Incorporate research about a Culture from a country
  • Incorporate three Souvenirs randomly selected from the list of items and combine them to create one Master Prop
  • Incorporate an Unexpected Problem that is discovered on stage

Focus: Research and Understanding of Cultures, Mythology, Improvisational Acting, Story Development, Theater Arts, Teamwork

Structural Engineering: Verses! Foiled Again

  • Design and build a Structure made only of Aluminum Foil, Wood and Glue
  • Test how much weight the Structure will hold
  • Present a Story about a character that is Foiled
  • Integrate team-written Verse and published Verse into your Story

Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Construction, Material Science, Research, Innovation and Design Process, Mathematics, Theater Arts, Poetry, Teamwork

projectOutreach: Dynamic Networks

Make a difference in your community! This Challenge has two distinct portions:

  • First, your team will design and carry out a Project to address a real community need and integrate a social network
  • Second, at the Tournament, your team will showcase your Project with an Album and a Presentation, as well as complete an Instant Challenge

Focus: Service Learning, Civic Responsibility, Social Science, Partnerships, Fundraising, Progress Monitoring, Evaluation, Teamwork

Big Bug’s Bad Day (Rising Stars!)

Calling ouryoungest creative problem solvers! Your team will:

  • Learn about bugs and how they work with other living things
  • Create a play that tells about Big Bug’s bad day
  • Explore how Big Bug’s friends try to make the day better 

Focus: Entomology, Research, Zoology, Storytelling, Performaing in Front of an Audience, Team Problem Solving, Teamwork