The five teams representing Montana joined over 8000 students representing 1156 teams from around the globe to celebrate the conclusion of a year full of problem solving, innovation and creativity. The team from Darby also volunteered to be Destination ImagiNation Global Ambassadors to a team from China.  They learned how to communicate with simple sign language, rephrasing ideas, and using maps and pictures.  Both teams saw each other’s Team Challenge Presentations and exchanged small gifts from their countries. 

The teams not only participated in their Team Challenge and Instant Challenge competitions but also challenged their fitness skills at the Fuel Up to Play 60 Activation Exchange.  Some of the teams took on the 3M Challenge, “Explore the Uncharted” which required them to design a prototype remote control vehicle that had to collect as many items as possible on a variable terrain simulation course.  Other teams took part in one or more of the Instant Challenge Camps held during the week.  Everyone made a point of visiting the Exhibitors Expo to see the NASA astronaut, Keva Planks, science challenges, Volvo Construction equipment, the DI store and many other sponsors, booths.  When they weren’t preparing for their Presentations or participating in one of the many educational activities the teams were trading pins.

Check out the Image Gallery for the 2011 Global Finals to see pictures of the Montana Teams in action.

Some of the Montana teams displayed terrific problem solving skills just preparing for their Presentations at Globals.  The Bozeman Verses foiled Again team was delayed due to severe thunderstorms and also had to rebuild their structure that broke during their marathon journey to Knoxville.  The Chrysalis Mythology Mission team could not find the props they had shipped.  They almost had to have a true improvisational Presentation trying to find substitute props at the last minute.  Fortunately, all but one item was located and their humorous performance kept the audience laughing.  The Manhattan Christian Spinning A Tale team had to figure out an alternate way to get their props to the prop storage area since the service elevator was broken and the officials did not have a way to bring up their large crate of props.  This didn’t phase the team, they just unloaded the crate and brought the props up one by one in a smaller elevator.

Everyone did well and had a great time.  Visit the Global Finals website for more information about this year’s event.

With over 50 of the best teams in each level of each challenge the Montana teams had stiff competition.  Their results can be seeen on the Global Finals Results pages.