Montana Destination Imagination will celebrate the creativity of our youthat the Affiliate Tournament on March 23, 2013, at Belgrade Middle School.  This year teams have been learning about power and propulsion.  Teams built small vehicles that traveled for score and tried to avoid collisions and danger.  The teams presented a story told from the vehicles' point of view.  Other teams designed masks and used nonverbal theatrical techniques to tell a story about a person who uses a disguise.  The teams with an intrest in structural engineering designed structures to hold weight and withstand torque.  These teams had to present a story with an unexpected twist or surprising change.  The primary grade students studied the colors of the rainbow and created plays about ROY G BIV's birthday party.    Teams from Darby, Frenchtown, and Bozeman will present their solutions to their chosen challenge  in order to earn the right to attend the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the end of May.

Team Managers, Membership Coordinators, and Parents the schedule, maps, tournament information and forms are in the attachments below. 
Please make sure everyone on your team(s) has a copy of this information.  If you need more copies of your tournament data forms you
can access interactive ones at the resource page on the Destination ImagiNation web site.  You will need to log in with your team number and your e-mail address.

The  schedule, map of the school, and tournament guide along with last minute reminders, media release and the letter to the appraisers was mailed on Friday, March 08, 2013.

Please do not leave items in the hallways as they create a safey hazzard.  Please leave your props in your vehicles until you bring them to Prep Area.  Once you finish performing please take your props back to your vehicles. Bring a large tote to store coats and small items.  Label your tote and you can leave it in the cafeteria.   If you need to repair a prop you can use the "stage area" in the cafeteria for that purpose.  Please do not store your props on the stage.  Leave it open so others may use it for prop repair.  This will keep the tournament sites safe and uncluttered.

Please let your team(s) and parents know that we will have a cakewalk during the time it takes the score room to crunch the scores and prepare the awards.  It will cost $0.50 per cakewalk game for an individual (students and adults) to play.  The money earned from this fun activity will go to the Montana Teams that will represent us at Global Finals. 

Everyone (family, friends, team members, team managers, and officials) is encouraged to participate in the Bystander CPR class that will be conducted in the gym from 10:50 – 11:30.  This is the compression only CPR.  Destination Imagination teaches us to be leaders and problem solvers.  By having all of our participants and others learn this life saving skill we hope they will be able to help someone who has a sudden cardiac arrest if the need should arise.

Good Luck to all the teams coming to the State Tournament.  Invite all of your family and friends to come watch your solution.  Remember try to see as many different challenges as possible during the tournament and try to catch at least one elementary, middle, and secondary level performance.  Remember a we all like to have a nice sized audience.