Four Montana Teams Set Their Sites on Global Finals

The Montana Affiliate Destination Imagination tournament was a tremendous display of creativity, problem-solving, and fun. Teams found hidden object,  Others ventured into extreme environments protected by team designed gear. Live comic strip shows introduced us to artwork by famous artists. Teams who enjoy acting improvised skits about how characters from the past and the present overcame a Pandemonium. Other teams discovered how to build a structure with wood, glue and fishing line to be tested by pressure and tension. Finally the Rising Stars! teams performed 3 act circuses about balance and geometric shapes. Check out the MTDI Image Gallery and like the Montana Destination Imagination Facebook page to see pictures of this year's teams.

Teams had the opportunity to play the Think Fun Big Games while they waited for the results to be processed.

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Montana DI Awards Scholarship

This past year Montana Destination Imagination awarded one $500 scholarship.  The recipient was Andrew Honken from Frenchtown. He has applied to  Montana State University, University of Montana, Cornell University, Carroll College, and the University of Oregon.  Andrew plans to pursue medicine or engineering.

The Montana Destination Imagination scholarships are sponsored by the Student Assistance Foundation of Montana.  The forms for the 2014-2015  scholarships are will be posted on the scholarship page at the beginning of October.  The deadline is for applying is February 1, 2015.  Please encourage any Montana student who has participated for 2 years in a program sponsored by Montana DI to apply for of this scholarship.


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