Spirit of Discovery and Imagination – 406 Chicks from Frenchtown

In a challenge that might normally lead to story lines about struggles and fighting, the 406 Chicks used the theme of Friendship to tie their story together. The surprising theme worked very well in their solution as Friendship became the key to conquering beast and obtaining the ultimate prize of World Redemption. The focus on Friendship strongly demonstrated outstanding spirit and the judges want to recognize that with a Spirit of DI Award.






Renaissance Award:  Deep End from Livingston

The Appraisers felt that the model built showed some amazing skill and excellent choices in design.  In particular, the floating staircase was very well built, and the light fixtures not only functioned but provided good

proper illumination for the interior of the building.  The way the team integrated trees into the building was both skillful and artistic. Finally, just the overall clean look of the final product makes this model stand out in our minds.  Definitely an impressive team with an impressive build.