We had a great celebration of creativity at our virtual 2021 Northern Rockies Tournament! The Tournament was held entirely online. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not be able to hold an in-person Tournament this year.





Frenchtown – 406 Chicks         Elementary Level     

Next Level        Technical Challenge






St. Regis – Cash Money      Middle Level     

In Theory         Scientific Challenge   





Livingston – Deep End    Middle Level     

Built To Last      Engineering Challenge

For the Tournament

  • Each Team had to solve a Team
  • Challenge and an Instant Challenge and present a video of their Solutions for the Appraisers to score.
  • They were acknowledged for the hard work that they put into their Solutions.
  • They participated in a Virtual Awards Ceremony:
  • Medals were be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing Teams.
  • Which Teams were invited to participate in Global Finals 2021 were announced.
  • Special Awards were announced.

It’s been a tough, but creative year! We’ve had to find new ways of working, new ways of playing, new ways to be creative, new ways to collaborate, and new ways to manage projects. We’ve had to invent entirely new ways to do Destination Imagination. The entire year has been one long Instant Challenge of how to be creative, how to stay safe while collaborating, and how to stay energized and connected even when socially distanced.

But we succeeded! 23 Teams from Montana and Wyoming presented solutions, in an entirely new format at the Northern Rockies Destination Imagination Tournament for which every team spent months working on their Solution, recorded it on video, and submitted it online. Every team’s video was viewed by Appraisers It was amazing, and inspiring, and uplifting.  Here are the results of the tournament.

We would like to thank those who made all of this possible:

  • The Boards of Trustees of both MTDI and WYDI, who put their trust in the teams to be able to solve this year’s Challenges.
  • The Montana and Wyoming Challenge Masters, who adapted to a completely new way of running a Tournament:
  • The 56 Appraisers, from Montana and Wyoming, and from other Affiliates including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Indiana, and New Mexico, who stuck with us even though, unlike a regular tournament, we were not providing free lunch
  • The Destination Imagination, Inc. staff, especially those who were responsible for the online Mobile Scoring system, who have been helpful throughout
  • All of our Team Managers and Coordinators, who supported their teams to continue doing amazing things even in these difficult times
  • Most importantly, every team and every team member who participated! It is because of you that we do all of this. We thank you for every laugh, for every tear, for every idea, for your teamwork, and for your perseverance, in presenting to us this year.

May you all be safe and healthy, and may we all be together in-person at this time next year.