Corporate Sponsorship

ZOOT ENTERPRISES is a Bozeman based high tech company supports Destination Imagination® in Montana as a program that rewards students for being creative and critical thinkers. Zoot is looking for creative employees with great critical thinking skills.
REACH HIGHER MONTANA MTDI and Reach Higher Montana share the same goal of helping Montana students and their families gain the knowledge, understanding and tools to pursue and finance higher education and career goals. Involvement in Montana Destination Imagination offers students the opportunity to work in teams, using creative problem solving on both long- and short term challenges. These challenges develop the team’s ability to execute long range planning, develop project management skills, teamwork, and risk management, as well as encouraging creative solutions. These same skills are critical to the future choices that students will be making about their careers and life after high school. Reach Higher Montana is providing assistance to Montana students and their families.
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY supports the Instant Challenge Kits and the Instant Challenge competition at the tournaments. They wish to encourage students to think quickly and use teamwork and the creative process to help them meet the demands and challenges of the future.
ADVANCED ELECTRONIC DESIGNS encourages the Destination Imagination emphasis on teamwork and project-based learning.
BOZEMAN OPTIMISTS Help Montana Destination Imagination empower young people to strive to be the best they can be by using critical thinking to gain the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century workforce.
EDWARD JONES recognizes that Destination  Imagination┬« is preparing students to be the creative problem solvers of the future. DAD supports D:I and encourages everyone to invest in your children’s future education.
BLACKFOOT believes in education and is committed to supporting educational opportunities for all ages. They support Destination Imagination because it strives to enable kids to discover their unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect. Blackfoot invests in countless programs and initiatives to give back and support the future of the communities they share.
AMATICS CPA GROUP – Recognizes that teams must stay on a budget. Amatics CPA has assisted MTDI with review of yearly tax returns.
FIRST INTERSTATE BANK supports Montana Destination Imagination competitions.  They wish to encourage more students to use their creativity and become leaders of the future.
FIRST SECURITY BANK supported the Just Imagine Program to help increase the number of teams participating in DI.
TOWN PUMP CHARITABLE FOUNDATION supports Montana Destination Imagination in preparing today’s children to become  tomorrow’s business and civic leaders by teaching them that every challenge, no matter how difficult has many solutions.
DAIRY FARMERS OF MONTANA teamed up with Montana Destination Imagination to help provide the students of Montana with Destination Imagination®. The Dairy Farmers are working to build healthy youth in Montana by providing quality Milk products to nourish your body and Montana Destination Imagination strives to provide you a quality creative problem-solving program to nourish your mind.
CONOCO/PHILLIPS is committed to helping people reach their destinations. Conoco/Phillips donated coupon books for the Montana Destination Imagination Raffle to help earn money to send our finalists to Global Finals.

Challenge Sponsors

Montana Creativity Quest is pleased to announce Site sponsors for each of the Challenges throughout the years. Each of these sponsors supports the goals of Destination Imagination to teach students creativity, teamwork, brainstorming and risk taking in a safe and fun environment.

Advanced Electronic Designs sponsored The Big Fix, In the Cards, On Target, Monster Effects, Maze Craze, Drop Zone, Show and Tech, Close Encounters, Change in Direction, Creature Feature, Lose to Win, Dig In, Going to Extremes, In the Zone, Twist O Rama, Coming Attractions, Unidentified Moving Object, DI-Bot,  Operation Cooperation, Hit or Myth, CSI:DI, Back At You, and Dizzy Derby
Zoot Enterprises sponsored Change of Tune, In It Together, Musical Mash Up, The Meme Event, Brand Aid, Improv Games, In Disguise, Roy G Biv, Assembly Required, Triple Take Road Show, You’re Gonna Flip, VIDIo Lit Hits, Switch, DIrect Flight, Kidz Rulz, and Sudden Serendipity
Bozeman Optimists sponsored Picture This, To the Rescue, Heads Up, Escape Artists, Pop-Up, Treasure, Inside Impct, Friends Everywhere, Ready Willing and Fable, 3-Peat, Vanished, Get A Clue, Animal Mish Mash, Feary Tales, Laugh Art Loud, Circus, Pandemonium, Instant Challenge, Mythology Mission, Big Bug’s Bad Day, Do or DI, Band Together, Private DI, Hidden, Chorific, TwisDId History, On Safari, 1-2-3 Change A Roo, Improving Along
NorthWestern Energy sponsored Instant Challenge, Solar Stage, Spinning A Tale, Instinct Messaging, Obstacles of Course, CSI: DI, and Back At You
Blackfoot Communications sponsored First Encounter and Blast Off.
Edward Jones sponsored; Medical Mystery, Game On, Unlikely Attraction, Top Secret.
New West Health Services sponsored News to Me and Built to Last.
Osborne Construction sponsored Breaking News, Weighty News, A New Angle and CarDIology
Barnard Construction sponsored Inside DImension
First Interstate Bank   sponsored Instant Challenge
Montana Dairy Farmers sponsored Instant Challenge
Days Inn of Bozeman sponsored How’d That Happen, Round About Courage, and DI’ve Got a Secret
Bridger Engineering sponsored CarDIology, Inside DImension and Designing Bridges
Mosaic Architecture sponsored Inside DImension
  Gap West Broadcasting sponsored Live It’s RaDIo DI, How’d That Happen, Round About Courage, DI’ve Got A Secret, and ViDIo Lit Hits

Montana Destination Imagination Boosters

The following businesses and organizations have been sponsors of Montana Destination Imagination: Albertsons, Allied Waste, American Linen Services, Art Attack, Bagel Works, Belgrade Schools, Big Spring Water, Boise Cascade Office Products, Bozeman Breakfast Optimist Club, BRE Surplus, Bridger Communications, Burger King, Cafe on Broadway, Carlson-Wagonlit Travel, Cashman’s Nursery, City of Bozeman, Concept Design Studio, Copa Data Supplies, Corvallis Schools, Costco, D&R Vending, D. A. Davidson Co., Dana Design, Darby Schools, Darigold Farms, Days Inn, EDS, Edsall Construction, Elk Horn Cafe, Frenchtown Schools, Front Line Designs, Great Gulio Disposal, Harvest Breat Company, Harrington’s Pepsi, Home Depot, House of Clean, Ink Innovators, Intermountain Produce, J and H Office Equipment, Jake and Martin Kimm Potatoes, K-Mart, Keebler Cookies, Kraft Foods, L&F Food Farm, La Parilla, Lanzendorf Construction, Lee and Dads IGA, Lehrkinds, Manhattan Schools, Manhattan Subway, McDonalds, Montana Power Foundation, Mergenthaler Transfer, Messiah Lutheran Church, Mezzo Matto, Michaels Crafts, Mission Tortillas, Montana AARP, Montana National Guard, Nabisco Cookies, New Day Bakery, Northwest Airlines, Office Depot, Panda Express, Peace Lutheran Church, Personalize It, Piper Jaffray, Play It Again Sports, Quiznos, Ram Electronics, Right Now Technologies, Safeway, Senorita’s Specialty Foods, Sir Scott’s Oasis, Subway, Sysco Foods, Three Forks Schools, Three Rivers Wireless, Town and Country Foods, Ullman Lumber, Vans IGA, Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Wheat Montana,  Wireless Solutions – Cellular One.

Montana Destination Imagination appreciates the support received from these many DI boosters. Much of our support comes in the form of in-kind donations. If you or your company would like to make a donation please contact the State Director.