Frequently Asked Questions

About Montana DI

What are the hours of the State Office?

The State Director is a volunteer position. Currently the State office is in the  director’s home.There are no set hours. We do have an answering machine and fax machine, as well as email. These are checked regularly throughout the day so if no one is  the office please leave a message and a good time to return your call. The Director’s Google Voice phone number is 406-285-1377.

The e-mail is

Who is my Regional Director?

Currently Montana does not have enough teams for regional tournaments.  All questions should be directed to the Affiliate Director at

How do we join Destination Imagination®?

You can purchase Destination Imagination® Team Number and Program Materials electronically at Shop DI.

If you already have a ShopDI account, log in.  If you do not have a ShopDI account, you'll be prompted to create an account and be taken through the checkout process.

  1. Go to and choose whether you want to purchase just a “Team Number” or a Team Kit”.
  2. On the resulting screen, acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept the information regarding Background Checks, then select your Affiliate (state, province, or country), enter the desired name of your sponsoring organization. (If you had Team Number last year you may use the same organization name again.)
    1. If the team will have more than one team manager, each team manager must have a Background Check. you will need to purchase Background Checks for each team manager.
    2. When you've completed those options, press the "Add to My Cart" button and your Team Number configuration will be added to your ShopDI shopping cart.
    3. Team managers may also want to purchase a membership with NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).  This membership will provide team managers with the following Insurance Coverage, including Excess General Liability insurance coverage, Excess Accidental Medical and Dental coverage, and Accidental Death and dismemberment coverage.
    4. Feel free to browse the rest of the store and add any other items you wish to purchase. When you are ready to complete your order, press the Checkout button. If you have not logged into the ShopDI system or do not have a Shop DI Account, you will be prompted to log in or set up an account at this point.

    TIP: The Check Out will allow you to select your payment type - Credit Card, Check, or Purchase Order. (The default is credit card.) If you do not pay by credit card, you must remember to print off your order receipt and send it along with your payment to Destination Imagination, Inc. headquarters. (If you are using a Purchase Order, you may fax it and the receipt to Destination Imagination, Inc. headquarters. This receipt is available at the order completion screen, from the "My Account" page, and is sent via e-mail automatically. You will not receive instructions on how to download the challenges until payment is received. We strongly recommend using a credit card, as it is the fastest route to obtaining a membership.

Is Destination Imagination® Odyssey of the Mind?

No. Destination Imagination® is a parallel program to Odyssey of the Mind. Both programs are creative problem solving programs. The Montana Destination Imagination Board of Directors chose to run the Destination Imagination® program. If you have questions about the difference between the two programs please write to Montana Destination Imagination.

Start a Team

How much does it cost to be a part of Destination Imagination?

Program Materials for a single-team is $110 for each team. When you purchase the program materials you will also pay the Montana Affiliate fee of $50 per team.

There is also a per team tournament fee of $50 which is paid to Montana Destination Imagination. This is for each team registered to participate in Montana Tournaments. There is no additional fee for workshops.

How do we know what our Team Number is?

Your Team Number will come in an email after you have purchased your Team Number and program materials and your fee is paid. If you lose it or cannot find it write to the State Director and request your Team Number(s).

Do we have to have a Background Check if we have had one for another organization?

Yes. DI is requiring background checks by Sterling Verified Volunteers for all Team Managers .

While many of our volunteers already have an approved background check through an employer or another organization, a current check with Sterling Verified Volunteers is required. If you have had a background check done by Sterling Verified Volunteers in during the past year then you may have it shared with DI. Destination Imagination has a $40 flat rate for background checks for all team managers.  All US Team Managers must complete their Background Check before they may access the Challenge Materials in the Resource Area.

May 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCAs, etc. participate in Destination Imagination?

Yes! Destination Imagination is open to community groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, PTAs/PTOs, 4H, home school programs, parent groups, or organizations who wish to sponsor a team or group of teams.

May my school district or organization purchase multiple Team Numers?

Your school or organization may purchase as many team numbers as needed for your teams. There is no limit on the how many team numbers you may purchase. Team numbers may be purchased by individual schools, a school district or recognized community organizations that serve children such as, Boy Scout Troops and Girl Scout Troops, 4-H clubs, PTA/PTOs, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club.

The cost is $110 per team plus a Montana Affiliate fee of $50 per team.

The cost is for one to four teams is $125 per team plus a Montana Affiliate fee of $50 per team.

Volume purchases for five or more teams at the same time will be $95 per team plus the Montana Affiliate Fee of $50 per team. This includes all program materials and the affiliate fee for trainings, workshops, mailings, and mentoring. Rising Stars team fees are $125 per team ( includes Affiliate Fee)

If you have questions on whether your school district or organization qualifies for a volume discount please contact Montana Destination ImagiNation. Do not let this restriction keep your students from participating. Call us or e-mail us and we will discuss your situation to determine what is best for your students.

If we order a Team-Number how many teams may we have in each challenge?

There is no limit to how many teams from your organization may do the same challenge at any given level but no two teams may use the same team number. There are no restrictions on how many teams your organization may have but each team that registers for the tournament must have its own team number. If you have more than one team that wishes to compete, they each must have their own unique assigned team number.

Team Composition

How many participants may be on a team?

Your team may recruit up to seven team members. Only the original team members (up to seven) are allowed to work on the Team Challenge solution.

If we have fewer than seven team members, may new members be added after a tournament or showcase?

No. Your team may not add team members between tournaments for any reason, even if your team does not have seven team members. Adding team members between tournaments will result in disqualification as a competitive team. Your team may still present but will not be scored.

Once your team has begun working on the Team Challenge solution, you may add team members up to a maximum of seven until you submit your registration roster to your first tournament. After your team has registered for the first tournament but before competing, you may add team members with the permission of the Tournament Director, but only if you have not previously reached seven team members.

Your team may not replace team members after the total number of members has reached seven, even if a team member quits, moves away or is unable to attend the tournament for any reason. If a team member moves away, that person is still considered part of your team and may still compete with the team if she or he is able. Replacing team members after the total number of members has reached seven will result in disqualification as a competitive team. Your team may still present but will not be scored.

May we replace or add team members if someone drops off the team?

If your team has not started discussing a solution for the Central (long term) Challenge then yes, you may replace lost members. If you have already begun to discuss your solution for the Central Challenge you may not replace the team member(s) who dropped. These dropped team members must remain on your roster. If you had less than seven at the time, then you may add members until your total with the dropped members equals seven.

You must change the Team Challenge you are solving if you have several team members drop off the team and want to add members until you reach a total of seven members.

How do we decide at which level we want to compete?

The level at which you compete is determined by the oldest student on your team.

RISING STARS! Kindergarten-2nd 5-9
ELEMENTARY Kindergarten-5th less than 12 on
June 15 of the program year.
MIDDLE 6th-8th less than 15 on
June 15 of the program year.
SECONDARY 9th-12th less than 19 on
June 15 of the program year.
UNIVERSITY All team members must be enrolled full-time in a college/university or technical school. College teams may not recruit younger students who have not finished high school or equivalent.


How do we register our team(s) for the Tournament?

You will need to register your team for the Montana Destination Imagination Tournament online at Teams must complete their team and appraiser registrations by December 15th to qualify for the Early Bird Discount fee of $25. Teams registered after December 15 will be charged the regular tournament fee of $50.  Your Appraiser must also be registered by December 15 if you want the "Early Bird" fee. You will receive an invoice for your tournament fees when your team and appraiser registrations are received. If you should have questions contact MTDI  Don't forget you need to register your appraiser for your registration to be complete. Your appraisers must be willing to come to the state tournament.

All refunds must be in writing.  No refunds will be made for any reason after December 15th of the current program year.  A full refund, less a $10 administrative fee, will be made within 45 days after the request is received.  There are no refunds for no shows.  No team will be scheduled for tournaments without complete registration payment.  Signed School Purchase Orders are considered a form of payment.

Does each membership need to provide a volunteer to help with the State Tournament?

It takes a lot of people to run a tournament.  Each team is required to supply a volunteer appraiser for the tournament.  We will train this individual on the duties of an appraiser and how to score the challenge(s) to which he/she is assigned.

We may ask each team coming to State supply a volunteer to help with the many tasks that make the tournament run smoothly.  Most of these tasks are only for a couple of hours or less and we try to schedule these volunteers so they will still be able to see their teams perform.

Our Appraiser cannot come to State. May we send someone else?

Appraisers must be trained to work at a Tournament.  Please make sure that your volunteer appraiser will be able to come on the date of the tournament. Since we are currently not holding Regional showcases, it is important that the Appraiser you recruit will be able to come to state.  If you really cannot find someone, ask the Affiliate Director for names of past Appraisers and Past Team Managers whom you might contact. It is not fair to the team to not have poorly staffed Appraisal teams at a tournament.  If you are still having problems, contact the State Office and see if they can help you.

How is the date selected for the State Tournament?

These dates are based on site availability. Since most sites are donated or only charge custodial fees tournament dates must be scheduled around other activities that also use the site.

May a team change its solution between tournaments?


You may change anything but the Challenge and team level.  Remember though that you qualified for the next level tournament based on what you took to the tournament, so ask yourselves what was it the appraisers liked and consider keeping those elements.


How do we apply for the Scholarship?

There are two scholarships available to Montana high school seniors who participated in Destination Imagination for at least two years.

  1. The Montana Destination Imagination Scholarship is for Montana students only.
  2. The DISC Scholarship is open to high school seniors and college students.

For a list of the past Challenges and Problems Click Here.