What Does a DI Challenge Solution Look Like

Get a Visual!

New Teams and their Team Managers are often clueless as to what a DI Challenge solution looks like so thank goodness for YouTube! Hundreds of teams have not been able to resist showing off their performances on YouTube. Start your own YouTube.com search with “Destination Imagination…”  Add the name of a team, prior challenge or affiliate and come up with lots and lots of performances and activities. You can find summaries of challenges on the list of challenge previews. Remember, your team may not “copy” challenge solutions but may take several ideas and rework them to fit their own challenge solutions. As you watch them also notice that set up time is part of the total time allowed.

Before you view some examples, however, take a look at some of the materials DI has developed to help you manage your team through the solution process.

The Roadmap, a resource for Team Managers,  is a great tool for helping you manage your team members as they design and execute a Challenge solution together. It also contains several worksheets to help guide your team through their planning process, including documenting their project tasks, goals and even supplies they need for building their solution.

Don’t expect your team to solve a Team Challenge quickly.  It usually takes teams two to four months to complete this process.

It is also extremely important for teams to review our Rules of the Road resource to learn the details of the DI Challenge Experience, to prepare for tournaments, and to make sure their Challenge solution complies with the rules and procedures found in Rules of the Road.

Check out these videos on what Challenge Solutions look like.  Then once you choose the Challenge you wish to solve do a You Tube search for more of that type of Challenge to get a better idea of how teams approach Challenges.