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Team Building



Everyone at one end of the room, form a long line. The first player of the line steps into the room and starts miming an activity. As soon as the activity is clear, player 2 approaches player 1 and asks `What are you doing`.

The first player answers something that has nothing to do with what he`s actually doing. E.g. if player 1 is cutting someone`s hair, when asked what he`s doing he might say "I`m reading the newspaper".

First player moves away, and the second player starts miming the activity stated by the previous player. A third player comes up to player 2, asks what he is doing, and so on.

Play until everyone has mimed something, and has answered the question.


You can also play this at super high speed, with 2 players. We mean super-super high speed. As soon as one of the players says ummm, hesitates, or uses an offer that was used before in that session, that player is replaced. Great for warm-up and energy! 



Use 4 chairs to build the interior of a car. One player starts driving the car, and another player becomes a passenger, needing a ride. The passenger has a particular character tick or emotion, which the driver takes over.

As new passengers are picked up, each with his/her own characteristic tick or emotion the driver and other passengers in the taxi take on the new passenger's characteristic/emotion.  When the car is full, one of the players leaves the car to make room for a new passenger.

Notes: Don`t forget to justify leaving the car. 



Materials: Cut out enough construction paper circles for each team member, plus one.

Have each team member line up and stand on a spot; place the extra spot in the middle of the line. The goal of the game is to get Side A to Side B, and Side B to Side A, all facing forward. Rules: No moving backwards. A person can only move to an empty spot. No one can "jump over" their team mate. Only one person may move at a time. One spot per person, no sharing! If any of these rules are broken, the group must begin again.

You will Discover all kinds of communication styles and growth!

Key words: communication, planning and motivation.


Your team must make themselves into a machine, complete with as many moving parts (gears, cogs, levers, etc.) as they can devise. One member starts by repeatedly doing a movement, like shaking a leg and making a sound, another member joins in with his own motion, and so on.

Make it more challenging by asking them to move their machine across the room.



This is an exercise in giving and following directions, listening, and accepting others ideas. Have each student remove his/her shoe (if they have no laces then have them borrow one from a team mate who does. Then have them one at a time give the instructions to the others on how to tie a bow those following directions may not talk or ask questions the direction giver may not demonstrate. Discuss this with the students after all have had a turn. You may want them to practice their own methods before they have to give their directions.

 Gift Wrapped

Materials: Duct tape or string. One very large box. TV, computer or other large appliance box is ideal. Stack of newspapers Several rolls of scotch tape Roll of ribbon, string or twine long enough to be the ribbon on the package. One sheet of card stock Markers

Use duct tape or soft string to tape/tie each team member’s dominant hand to their leg. The idea is that team members will have only one hand to complete this activity. Older team members might like to try using their non-dominant hands.

Using the materials provided, the team must completely decide what the gift in the box is and who the recipient will be. They must gift wrap the box with newspaper, tie it with a ribbon or string and provide a greeting card with a sentimental (nice/thoughtful) message.

Privately, time this activity and watch how the team members interact. Don’t forget to debrief after the activity using these questions and any others you think are appropriate: How do you feel you did? How did you interact with each other to solve the challenge? How could you shave time off this activity? How could you be more creative as a team? Put this activity aside and give it to them again later in the year as an instant challenge.