Team Management Tips

Are you having last minute jitters that your team will not be ready for the tournament? Have the team start a checklist of everything they need to have completed, packed, and what should be in the "unforeseen situation prop first aid box. Then remember that all the other coaches in your region are having the same panic attack.

If you need last minute resources check out the following sites:

  • Clarifications – Make sure you check these on a weekly basis.
  • Check out the Destination Imagination Resource pages. This site is an archive of team management ideas, humor, instant challenges, advice and skills. The materials here are comprehensive and up to date list of resources from team managers, trainers and past team members.
  • Also, check out many of the other Affiliate web Sites for other Tips on how to survive the Destination Imagination® Year and have fun doing it.

Make sure you have all of the following materials: Road Map, Rules of the Road, Challenge rules, clarification form, Tournament Data form for your challenge, Expense Report form, and Declaration of Independence form. Other materials you may wish to have are sample Instant Challenges, Team Manager's Guide, and resource materials MTDI has to loan.

Make sure parents, team members and friends understand interference. Give parents things to do so they don't try to solve the challenge. Suggest they provide team treats, places for meetings and prop work, transportation for team members, help clean up at the end of practice, read the rules, bring materials for Instant Challenge, act as Instant Challenge judges for practices, and help find judges for the regional tournament.


If you can't find the Rules of the Road (Basic Competition Information and Rules), check the DI Resource Area using the intructions that came with your team number information e-mail or ask your team Contact person how to access this information.

Brainstorm on ways to earn money for supplies; e.g., recycle aluminum cans, have a team work day and rake leaves or shovel walks, or set up a penny jar in each member's home.

Keep your snacks nutritious – try to work snacks into your Instant Challenge time.

Structure Teams: It is NOT Interference to have a parent build your crusher device. The tournament director will provide one for competition. Also if you use any type of "super glue" make sure you have a bottle of releaser on hand.


Please help your school program by recruiting more appraisers (judges). Competitions are the best and more fun when there are enough appraisers for each duty on an appraisal team.

The training essions are very important for everyone. They help provide consistency in appraising, give apparisers a chance to work through vague areas, and unite the appraisal teams. Remind your appraisers to attend and read the rules carefully.