Divide & Conquer and Time Management

TIME MANAGEMENT:  Instant Challenges requires time management skills

An Instant challenge is either Task Based or Performance Based or it can be a combination of both

  • Task Based challenges require planning, building and testing
  • Performance Based challenges require planning, assembling props and script lines, and practicing the skit

Teams need to make sure they have enough time to do each part of the challenge especially if the challenge is both task based and performance based. Too often teams either take too much time to come up with an idea or spend too much time on only part of the Challenge Solution so that they don’t have enough time to finish before they need to present their solution.

Teams should know their strengths and weaknesses and divide up tasks based on team members’ strengths.  Sometimes you may want to form a couple of smaller teams to make sure all the tasks are completed in the time limit.  Before you go to Instant Challenge your team should know:

  1. Who is good at building?
  2. Who is good at prop and costume making?
  3. Who is good at coming up with clever lines?
  4. Who is good at thinking on their feet (ad lib)?
  5. Who is good at acting?
  6. Who is good at developing skits?

When the challenge is read you need to think about the following:

  • How much time do you have to discuss and plan your ideas?
  • How much time do you have to create and try out your ideas?
  • What are the Limitations of the challenge – the things you cannot do?
  • How much time is allowed to present your solution?
What to Consider Time Who Will Do This?
Total Imagination Time   Entire Team
Time you will use for Discussing Ideas   Entire Team
Should you Divide Tasks Yes No  
How much Time will we spend Working on the Solution   Entire Team
How much time should we spend Practicing/Testing our solution.   Groups or Entire Team

In the Instant Challenge room your team should visualize these columns and mentally fill them in as the problem is read or when you begin your Imagination time.


 Ask 2 or 3 debriefing questions after IC – 

  •   Did you manager your time well?
  •   How did you divide your team to be more efficient?
  •   What did you like about your solution?
  •   What might you have done differently?