Team Challenge Solution Tips

Tips on how to create a Team Challenge Solution and resources to help learn skills needed to construct and assemble various areas of the Team’s Solutions.

Checklists Sample List of Tasks to be Completed When Solving a DI Challenge
Solving the Central Challenge Handout The first areas for teams to consider after they have chosen the Team Challenge they want to do.
Character, Story, Set, & Prop Characteristics Use these lists to help teams develop their stories, characters, props, and sets. The lists will give the them characteristics to consider when designing their solutions.
  Powering Machines Participant Handout  A Technical Device must have a power source to make it operate. Often a challenge requires minimal manual involvement so you must find a way to power it without doing it by hand. This handout gives a brief description of different types of power.
Putting Gears to Work A brief explanation of what gears do and some examples of machines that use gears.
Stagecraft Ideas A quick list of backdrop materials and a few ways to help backdrops stand up.
Display Easel Diagrams Example on how to make a display easel for props and sign.