Character, Story, Set, & Prop Characteristics

Use the lists below to help your team develop their stories, characters, props, and sets. The lists will give the team characteristics to consider when designing their solutions.

Character Attributes:

  • Height                              Hand Size
  • Weight                             Foot Size
  • Hair Color                         Cleanliness
  • Hair Texture                     Jewelry
  • Hair Style                         Habits
  • Eye Color                         General Appearance
  • Shape of Eyes                 Personality
  • Shape of Nose                 Intelligence
  • Shape of Mouth               Birthmarks/Freckles
  • Shape of Face                 Fingernails (Appearance)
  • Age Speech                    Patterns
  • Teeth                             Complexion
  • Mood                              Walk
  • Posture                          Mannerisms
  • Voice                              Dress (Wardrobe, Costume, Fit)
  • Distinguishing Features


    • Background, Parents, Nationality, Education
    • Thought Processes
    • Beliefs
    • Emotional Aspects, Feelings
    •           Love, Affection, Concern
                      Considerate, Understanding, Friendly, Forgiving, Generous, Mellow,
                      Good-humored, Humane, Sensitive, Comforting
                Fear, Anxiety
                      Agitated, Jittery, Terrified, Apprehensive, On Edge, Uncomfortable, Shaky,
                      Tense, Jealous
                Inabilities, Inadequacy:
                      Fragile, Harmless, Powerless, Vulnerable, Inept, Meek, Defective,
                      Useless, Insufficient, Weak
                Anger, Hostility, Cruelty 
                      Antagonistic, Spiteful, Insensitive, Heartless, Cranky, Arrogant, Nasty,
                      Ruthless, Rude
                      Impatient, Anguished, Confused, Skeptical, Tormented, Pained, Touchy,
                      Awkward, Grief, Dissatisfied
                Elation, Joy:
                      Cheerful, At Ease, Turned On, Happy, Serene, Enthusiastic, Witty, Comical,
                      Contented, Amused
                      Effective, Intense, Powerful, Self-confident, Determined, Bold, Strong,
                      Dynamic, Courageous, Authoritative
                      Downtrodden, Lonesome, Defeated, Rejected, Sad, Crushed, In the Dumps,
                      Despondent, Unloved


  • What makes him/her tick
  • Relationship to others in story – protagonist, villain, hero

Setting Descriptions:

  • General Shape                          Temperature
  • Height                                       Material Used
  • Width                                        Arrangement of Things Outside
  • Appearance                              Where the place is
  • Colors                                       What it is near
  • Function of the Place                What it is next to
  • Things in the Place                   What it is across from
  • Climate                                     Scenery surrounding it
  • Sounds in the place                  Mood of the place
  • Smells in the place                    People in the place

Script Components:

  • Situations Wanted                   Obstacles, Materials to overcome
  • Conflicts, Problems                   Location Setting Place
  • Goals, Achievements                Villains, Bad People, Evil
  • Heroes, Characters                  Emotions Involved
  • Audio/Visual, Special Effects, Sound, Lights
  • Additional Characters, Parts, Ideas to Add

Object/Prop Characteristics

  • Color                                          Shape
  • Size                                            Function
  • Weight                                       Texture
  • Cost                                           Temperature
  • Smell                                          Taste
  • Sound it Makes                          State of Motion
  • How it Works                            How many parts it has.