Training Videos

Introduction Videos

What is Destination Imagination?
A 2 minute description of the Destination Imagination program.
2020-21 Instant Challenge FAQ’s
Answers to our most frequently asked questions about this season's Instant Challenge process.
2020-21 Destination Imagination Team Challenges Preview
STEAM Challenges for the 2020-21 season of Destination Imagination--which can be done virtually, in person, at home, or through your school or learning pod.

Watching Solutions

GF2020: 2nd Place Middle Level
Global Finals 2020 Virtual Team Challenge video submitted by the 2nd Place Middle Level winner, Team Phantom of the PROPera from Mercer Island, Washington.
GF2020: 3rd Place Elementary Level
Global Finals 2020 Virtual Team Challenge video submitted by the 3rd Place Elementary Level winner, Team FUCHENGâ…˘ from Beijing, China.
GF2020: 3rd Place Secondary Level
Global Finals 2020 Virtual Team Challenge video submitted by the 3rd Place Secondary Level winner, Team TEK 7 from McCordsville, Indiana.

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Examples of DI Solutions

What Does a DI Solution Look Like?
Discussion of a team's Team Challenge solution in detail.
Global Finals 2019 Scientific Performance
Destination Imagination Global Finals 2019 performance of team STEMCELLS "Highly Addictive".

Managing a DI Team

The Destination Imagination Guide for New Teams
This film follows a DI team.During it, they explain what DI is, how to succeed in the Team Challenge, Instant Challenge, and how DI has impacted their lives. Good for new Teams and Team Managers to watch.
What is Creativity?
Creativity is using a combination of ordinary things to create something original. It is a balance between things you know and things that are new. Failure happens when being creative. That is part of the process, especially in Destination Imagination.
Typical DI Season Outline
Explanation of the time commitment and phases, Planning, Producing, Practicing, and Performing, of the DI season.

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Planning a Solution

Choosing a DI Challenge
There are many ways for a team to choose which Destination Imagination challenge to solve. This is one example!
How to Read a DI Challenge
This video describes what is important when your team is reading a Destination Imagination Challenge.
Brainstorming Solutions for a DI Challenge
This video describes the process of brainstorming solutions that meet all aspects of a Destination Imagination Challenge Solution.

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Creating the Solution Script

Getting ready to write your DI script
Preparing is an important step to writing a good script for a Destination Imagination skit.
How to write the first draft of your DI script
Consider these tips when writing the first draft of your Destination Imagination script.
How to revise your DI script for time and score
How to revise your Destination Imagination script to meet time requirements and maximize score.

Practicing the Team Challenge Performance

Tips for Memorizing Lines
It is super helpful to memorize your lines before your team's first Central Challenge rehearsal. Here are some memorization tip.
Rehearsal Outline
Four sessions to get the Destination Imagination performance tournament-ready with a rehearsal outline and techniques.
Prepare for Post-performance Interview
This video gives tips on explaining your solution to the appraisers after the performance at the tournament.

Skill Building

Prioritization Method
This video shares the ABC-123 prioritization method.
Elements of a Story
This video covers the five key elements of any story.
Internet Research
The internet is a great resource to use when solving the central challenge.

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