Managing A Team

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The Destination Imagination Guide for New Teams
This film follows a DI team.During it, they explain what DI is, how to succeed in the Team Challenge, Instant Challenge, and how DI has impacted their lives. Good for new Teams and Team Managers to watch.
What is Creativity?
Creativity is using a combination of ordinary things to create something original. It is a balance between things you know and things that are new. Failure happens when being creative. That is part of the process, especially in Destination Imagination.
Typical DI Season Outline
Explanation of the time commitment and phases, Planning, Producing, Practicing, and Performing, of the DI season.
DI Team Manager Patience
This video describes the importance of patience in a Destination Imagination Team Manager.
How to Prevent DI Team Conflict
This video describes methods Destination Imagination Team Managers can use to prevent team conflict.
Snack is a critical part of any Destination Imagination meeting.
Creative Process
This video shows how a Destination Imagination team creates their central challenge solution.