Volunteer Opportunities

Become a DI Volunteer
Brief introduction to what a DI volunteer does.

Volunteers for MTDI will support the vision and the mission of the organization, and will act responsibly and prudently.
If interested in any of these positions, please complete a Volunteer Registration form.

Extended Positions

Board Member Provide governance for all DI activities and generate or helping to generate resources for a sustainable organization.
Time Commitment: Year round with a minimum of two meetings per year with one in person meeting. The majority of meetings are held via webinar or teleconference.
Affiliate Director The Affiliate Director (AD) is an experienced leader who is passionate about the organization’s vision and mission and acts as the Executive Director of Montana Destination Imagination. This is a volunteer position appointed by the MTDI Board of Directors to oversee and administer the DI Challenge Experience within Montana and the day to day business of the MTDI organization based on the policies, procedures and bylaws of the Governing Board. The Affiliate Director will represent MTDI at all appropriate Destination Imagination meetings and activities.
Board Secretary The Secretary is is an executive and voting member of the board of directors of the organization. The Secretary is responsible for communicating to the Board the dates for the quarterly meetings, record the minutes and maintain organizational documents. This position is ideal for self-starters. This is a volunteer part-time position.
Treasurer The Treasurer is an executive and voting member of the board of directors of the organization. The Treasurer is one with basic bookkeeping skills who can create a simple budget, keep a general ledger, make bank deposits and write checks. The Treasurer will ensure accurate and complete financial reporting and proper maintenance of financial records.
Regional Director (RD) Responsible for coordinating and promoting the Destination Imagination (DI) Program within his/her respective region. The Regional Director works closely with the Membership, Appraiser, and Tournament Coordinators.Time Commitment: August – May Hours will vary with more time in January – March
Volunteer Coordinator Organized point of contact for prospective and existing volunteers. This individual will recruit and coordinate volunteers for tournaments, informational and special events, training workshops, and program support.Time Commitment: Primarily August – May (Hours will vary with more time in January – March)
Appraisers Coordinator Help maintain the appraiser database, prepare training materials, send training materials and challenges to appraisers in a timely manner, and make sure they know when trainings will be.Time Commitment: Year round but primarily November – March (Average 1-2 hours per week)
Special Events Coordinator Help plan, organize and implement recruiting and training events for prospective teams, current teams, and team managers.Time Commitment: Variable: April – September, January
Tournament Director Responsible for organizing and facilitating the Destination Imagination tournaments.Time Commitment: September – March (Primarily February and March) Time commitment varies depending on when tournaments are scheduled.
Sales Coordinator The organized point of contact for pin and shirt designs and orders, determining items to be ordered for tournament sales and training workshops. The coordinator will also be responsible for the set-up, presentation and look of sales booths in order to increase sales and income.Time Commitment: August – April with majority of work in January – March. Average 1- 2 hours/week
Affiliate Membership Coordinator Organized point of contact for communicating with current and potential memberships, reminding them of upcoming deadlines and trainings, making sure teams are registered for events and fees are paid. He/she will field questions about DI from memberships and will need a good working knowledge of Destination Imagination or willingness to learn.Time Commitment: August – April hours will be flexible, but average 1 – 2 hours per week.
Director of Marketing Responsible for promoting and communicating awareness and marketing materials for DI events and program for the Affiliate.Time Commitment: Year round with majority of work between August and April. Flexible hours with average of 1 – 2 hours per week.
Director of Public Relations (PR) Responsible for promoting and communicating news regarding the Destination Imagination (DI) Program for the Affiliate.Time Commitment: Year round with majority of work between August and April. Flexible hours with average of 1 – 2 hours per week.
Social Media Coordinator Social Media Coordinator is responsible for managing Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Works with the rest of the MTDI team to create engaging media related to Destination Imagination for our younger and older audiences.
Office Assistant Provide administrative and clerical support to assist the Affiliate Director one or two 1/2 days a week to help update files and prepare paperwork for tournaments, workshops, trainings and mailings. Assist with mailing, filing, copying, sorting, or collaboration projects.

School and Team Volunteers

School/Local Coordinator The organized point of contact for communicating with current and potential teams, regarding upcoming deadlines and trainings, tournament and event registrations and fees.Time Commitment: August – April hours will be flexible but average 1 hour per week.
Team Manager (TM) Supervise a team of up to 7 children while they journey through the creative process, .mentoring and nurturing their skills needed to solve a challenge of their choosing. You will act as a guide, over-seeing the DI Curriculum provided through the purchasing of the team pack materials. Becoming a team manager requires a little creativity, some imagination, and a lot of fun.Time Commitment: Season beginning in September – October and ending in March unless team qualifies for Globals Teams usually meet once a week for 1-2 hours each time. Days and locations set by team and team manager.

Event or Pre-Event Volunteers

Time Commitment: 2 – 3 hours plus prep time or short training – Tournament Volunteer time = 4 – 6 hours

Skills Workshop Instructors Individuals in many fields to serve as consultants, trainers and advisors to aspiring problem-solving teams. These volunteers plan and share their skills at workshops that support the teams preparing for competition. Skills needed vary, but often fall in the categories of: technical, prop design, sewing, performance techniques, improvisation, physics, and structural design.
Event Volunteer Responsible for any of the many small but essential tasks that keep the regional and state Destination Imagination tournaments running: registration, greeting teams and other volunteers, directing foot traffic, hanging posters, stuffing packets, serving refreshments, running scores. This position encompasses a variety of behind-the-scenes tasks to make tournaments run smoothly.
Pre-Event Volunteer Work with the Special Event Coordinator or Tournament Director to prepare event materials, registration packets, training packets, or help acquire or build challenge specific equipment. Others may assist in assembling mailings or sorting, inventorying and storing, supplies before and after events.
Tournament Supply Coordinator Work with the Tournament Director to inventory, sort, prepare, distribute, collect, and store event materials. This individual will be in charge of those who have volunteered to help prepare, unload, load, or sort and store the tournament supplies.

Tournament Positions

Time Commitment: May require 2-3 hour training plus 2 Saturdays for tournaments at end of February and 3rd or 4th weekend in March.

DI Affiliate Challenge Master Coordinate a team of adults to oversee the assigned Challenge site(s) at a Destination Imagination Tournament, contact for all appraisers for his/her assigned Challenge, must understand the various appraiser roles and assign individuals to roles that best fit their interests and abilities. The Challenge Master will be the Affiliate expert in his/her assigned challenge.
Destination Imagination Appraiser Work with a team of adults to watch student teams’ presentations and then award points according to established scoring rubrics at Tournaments. Appraisers are impartial and open minded.  A Destination Imagination Appraiser must be willing to study and understand their assigned Challenge, DI Rules of the Road and any clarifications.
Score Room Personnel Work with a team of adults to assure that scores are accurately entered into the DI scoring program. These individuals need to be able to enter data quickly into for various Challenges. A good working knowledge of Windows based computers.
Score Master Lead a team of adults to assure that scores are accurately entered into the DI scoring program. These individuals need to be able to enter data quickly into for various Challenges. A good working knowledge of Windows based computers.
Tournament Registration Area Supervisor The first person the teams meet when arriving at the Destination Imagination Tournament. This position encompasses the ability to be organized and efficient as well as give clear, succinct directions about where to find event locations and what happens at the event so the tournament will run smoothly.
Tournament or Event Photographer Will capture memories for the participants at Destination Imagination events, regional or state tournaments. This includes pictures of challenges, award ceremonies, and other moments worth remembering.
Chill Out Room Monitor Greet teams after they have finished their Instant Challenge and provide them with a quiet, inviting place to relax and discuss their performance.  This individual will also make sure each team has signed the sponsor thank-you(s), take a team picture, and provide teams with a quick snack.
Instant Challenge Check-In Volunteer Will greet teams before they solve their Instant Challenge and collect required paperwork. This individual will also supervise the teams as they wait to be escorted to their Instant Challenge room.