Opening ceremonies was packed, and Montana joined the rest of the Affiliates in honoring 3M with our Duct Tape Hats.  There were over 1000 teams at Global Finals.  The Montana teams competed
against many outstanding teams from all over the world.
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The Manhattan Christian DI-Bot team placed 4th and received a Renaissance award for creating perfectly tuned percussion instruments built out of PVC pipe and an empty propane tank and beautiful original portraits of Illusion and Despair rendered on Plexiglass using unusual art techniques.  The combination of these amazing things is truly worthy of this award!

Following their performance the team chose to donate their instruments to MAE, the band that sponsored this year’s projectOutreach Challenge. The band was very excited to get these instruments and are looking forward to using them in their recording studio for their new songs.

All of the Montana Teams performed well.  The Chrysalis School projectOutreach team made it into the closing ceremonies video.  Bozeman PEAK’s Middle Level You’re Gonna Flip team wowed us with a life size Fairy Godmother Puppet.  The Chrysalis School You’re Gonna Flip team taught us that using your own creativity can often be the best solution.  The Kalispell Middle Level projectOutreach team showed us how dodge ball is not just for gym class. Click here for complete Global Finals results