The Montana Affiliate Destination Imagination tournament was a tremendous display of creativity, problem-solving, and fun.  Teams overcame many obstacles to performa at this year's event.  Learning how to design a vehicle that will navigate and stop without help from the team was not as easy as some anticipated.  Performing a story without words also challenged those who enjoy talking.  Other teams discovered how to build a structure without using any wood.  Finally the Rising Stars! teams taught us about how to celebrate a birthday with the colors of the rainbow.   Check out the MTDI Image Gallery and like the Montana Destination Imagination Facebook page to see pictures of this year's teams.

All the teams, spectators, and officials also learned they can be problem solvers and leaders outside of DI.  The Gallatin Heart Rescue organization came to the tournament and taught everyone hands only, compression, CPR.  This was a great opportunity for our creative problem solvers to learn a skill they can use to help save a life.  They learned that even if they were not strong enough to do the compressions they now know what to do to in case someone has a sudden cardiac arrest.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a big success.  A big round of applause to all the appraisers, team managers, and volunteers who worked so hard to make sure the students had a successful experience.  Congratulations to all the teams who solved on of this yeaer's challenges.  Participation in a Destination ImagiNation Tournament is a great culmination for many teams, showing they've overcome challenges and succeeded in displaying their solutions.  Two of the first place teams will be competitng at the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee May 22 – 25. 

 Destination ImagiNation congratulates all the students who participated in the Affiliate tournament in Bozeman.  We think you are all winners!


Tournament Results
In The Zone: Elementary Level    
     1st Place CARanium Crew Frenchtown
     2nd Place Dream Until You Drop Darby
In Disguise: Elementary Level    
     1st Place 10 E C Darby
Twist O Rama: Elementary Level    
     1st Place Bobcat Science Kids Bozeman
Twist O Rama: Secondary Level    
     1st Place Checker Boarded Mountains Bozeman
Roy G Biv: Rising Stars Level    
Rennaissance Award Colorful Tigers Darby
  Party Rockers Darby