Over 16,000 students on nearly 1,250 talented teams participated in this year's Global Finals at Knoxville, Tennessee, May 22-25.  It was the first year for the two teams from Montana who made the journey. 

Team Montana  Opening Ceremonies

The Frenchtown Elementary In the Zone team, The CARanium Crew, placed 30th out of 76 teams.  They even wowed the appraisers and audience when they programed one of their vehicles to veer off course and then make a correction that to gain it maximum zone points.

 CARanium Crew  Frenchtown  Frenchtown    

The Darby Elementary In Disguise team, 10-E-C, placed 22nd out of 78 teams.  This team ended with a spectacular display of skill and tricks with their homemade hula hoops.  Both teams did amazingly well. 

 10-E-C  Darby   Darby

The team from Darby also volunteered to be Destination ImagiNation Global Ambassadors to a team from Singapore.  The teams met early Wednesday morning and exchanged small gifts from their countries and made plans to have fun in the pool during the week.

Darby and Singapore Buddy Team

The teams had the opportunity to save the Barrier Reef in the 3M Explore the Uncharted Challenge, experience a myriad of science activities with students from the Michigan Technological University Mind Trekers program, create Duct Tape crafts in the Duct Tape Playground, and learn how NASA creates experiments for space.

From the Opening to Closing Ceremonies the Montana teams were busy with their performances, Instant Challenge, pin trading, and meeting people from around the Globe.  Thank you to all those who helped these teams earn the funds needed to travel to this amazing show of creativity.